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Novedades quinta temporada de Primeval y criticas muy pronto.

Hola gente, tengo novedades de la web de impossible pcitures diciendo que la quinta temporada se estrenara en mayo.
Series 5 continues along the same timeline as series 4.

One year after the death of Johnson and the disappearance of three key ARC personnel (Danny, Connor and Abby), the government lost faith in Lester’s abilities to run such a dangerous and expensive operation on his own.

They placed the ARC in the hands of a public/private partnership, part-owned by the government, and partly by entrepreneurial scientist Philip Burton. The ARC operates from the industrial complex which houses Philip’s scientific empire; an estate of buildings with all the hustle and bustle of a thriving scientific community. As with any public/private partnership, there’s tension over who’s really in charge; Lester still runs the day-to-day operation but begrudgingly, he realizes that Philip will want involvement in the operation when it suits him.

Following Connor, Abby and Danny’s departure, the ARC found new recruits to take their place: Matt, new field leader, now handles the incursions. He’s more than just an ex-soldier; he’s a zoologist, with an uncanny ability to understand animals. A private man, Matt carefully guards the secrets of his past – and the real reason he has joined the ARC team. Unconventional Jess now runs operations from the ARC Control Centre – highly efficient and organized, her work ethic is second to none, though she is human enough to nurse an unrequited crush on Becker. Becker reigned from the military when the ARC was destroyed, and has lived with a sense of responsibility for the original team going missing. He now works as Head of Security for the ARC. They came complete with new uniforms, and most importantly to Matt, new taser guns which avoid killing the creatures.

Since Abby and Connor returned from the Cretaceous, they’ve been sacked, re-hired, caught up with old friends, and lost them to new adventures. Matt’s been forced to reveal his mission to Emily in order to persuade her to return to her own time. After the death of his father, Gideon, it’s now his own responsibility to carry the mission through, and he’s pretty sure he knows where to start. Following Danny’s revelations on his return, Philip now has his suspicions raised and is keeping a careful watch on the team for anyone stepping out of line.

The tension is about to be ramped up tenfold as relationships are tested, anomalies become more dangerous, and secrets are revealed. Who will survive the apocalypse about to befall the world?


Pronto hare analisis de los videojuegos Killzone 3 y Bulletstorm.

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  1. Genial! Qué ganas de verla ya! Aunque por otra parte... esta será la última temporada ¿no? :(


  2. Siii me la terminé hace un par de días... me encantó el regreso de Danny en el ultimo capítulo, no se si seguirán con él o pasarán a otra cosa.. :S

  3. Pues a saber... a mi también me gustó mucho verlo de nuevo! la verdad es que tuvo un papel importante en la 3º temporada, esperemos que vuelva a salir, al menos eso dieron a entender.